These islands in northern Norway, bordering the Arctic Circle, have become famous for being some of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights; anyway, don’t think even for a second that the aurora borealis is the only reason why you should visit this place.

Incredible views, mountains that plunge into the sea, frozen lakes and villages that seem to come straight out of a fairy tale. Traveling through those curvy roads, with the continuous golden light typical of winter during the days and with the green lady dancing above your head in the night, is not something that I can properly describe with words.

Why not join me in this beautiful adventure and see all that beauty with your own eyes?

When: 11th-17th February 2024

Workshop Itinerary

  • Day 1: 

Arrival at Evenes Airport (Harstad / Narvik); after all the participants have arrived, we will head towards the small town of Svolvaer, in the heart of the Lofoten islands! It’s where we will spend our first night; according to the timing, we will see if we can make a first photo session at sunset. One thing is for sure: after settling down and having stuffed our stomach with some Norwegian local dishes, we will be out again in the hope of having a first meeting with the green lady!

  • Day 2:

After a morning session at “dawn” (in this period of the year the sun is always low on the horizon and there isn’t a real sunrise and sunset phase, there are only hours of warm and spectacular light!) we will continue southwards entering into what is in fact the most characteristic and evocative part of the archipelago; we will use stay in the southern part of the archipelago for the whole length of the trip, since all the most beautiful and popular photography locations are there. We’ll stay between Leknes and Reine, generally in one of the typical rorbuer (fishermen’s houses). Needless to say, in the evening we will return to hunt the Northern Lights again!

  • Day 3:

We will continue the exploration, started the previous day, of the area around Leknes, between the famous beaches of Uttakleiv and Haukland and some lesser known gems of these areas. Trust me, the locations in this area are certainly not lacking!

  • Day 4:

We will move to the southern tip of the archipelago, in the area of ​​the characteristic villages of Reine and Hamnoy, or in places that have made these islands famous! We will have the opportunity to finally photograph the famous red houses perched at the foot of incredible mountains in a context that define “picturesque” is an understatement.

  • Day 5:

We will dedicate another day to the exploration of this area, in search of different points of view and to discover locations a bit more off the tourist path to really experience the atmosphere of peace that can be found in these places. Like every evening, weather permitting we’ll stay out hunting for the Northern Lights!

  • Day 6:

Unfortunately, we begin to drive back to come closer to the airport, considering the departure of the day after; we will drive once again in one of the most evocative roads of this Earth and we will stay not far from the airport for the night.

  • Day 7:

Time to say goodbye, unfortunately! The tour ends and the participants will be taken to the airport to be able to take their flights back home.

What is Included?


6 (six) Nights in the typical Rorbuer (the cabins) of the Lofoten Islands.

Airport Shuttle

I will personally pick you up/drop you off at the Evenes airport.

Private Transports
eBook ``Aurora Borealis: The Ultimate Hunting Guide``
Assistance and Guidance by a Professional Photographer
Post-Production Workshops

What's not Included?

Single Supplement (500€)
Airline Tickets

Visas (if applicable)

Everything that is not mentioned in the ``What is Included`` list

Insurance (highly recommended both for you and your photographic gear)

Price: 3290€

N° of Participants: Min. 3 - Max. 6

Workshop Objectives

Generally speaking, here you should find a list of goals, such as "photographing the aurora borealis", "see the sunrise in Hamnoy", etc., trying to convince you that these are the only aims (or at least, the ones that matter) of the workshop you will take with me. They are not. The main objective of the trip is not only to help you "make beautiful photos", but to increase your photographic skills, starting from the most technical part to end up on the most expressive part. You will learn how to balance the two parts and get exactly the photos you have in mind. This is the goal that I set for the trip, to make you grow, photographically speaking, as much as possible, trying to teach you everything I've learned since I photograph!

To Whom the Workshop is Addressed

I would recommend a tour like this to those who think they are at a beginner / intermediate stage and want to increase their skills in the field of landscape photography, as I think there would be a much greater personal growth, but logically everyone is welcome!


What to Bring? (Photographic Gear)

- Digital Camera (preferably a DSLR camera, both an APS-C and FF will be more than fine)

- An ultrawide lens (such as the Nikon 14-24mm, Canon 16-35mm, Tamron 15-30mm, Tokina 16-28mm etc); we recommend a lens with a wide maximum aperture (like f/2.8) for night photography.

- A standard zoom lens (like the various Nikon/Canon/Sigma 24-70mm or 24-105mm)

- A telephoto zoom lens (like the various Nikon/Canon/Tamron/Sigma 70-200mm)

- A super telephoto zoom lens (like the Sigma/Tamron 150-600mm); this lens is not necessary but we recommend it anyway since it allows to capture the far away details of the landscapes

- A sturdy tripod that permits to do some long exposure photos, specially during the twilight hour

- A set of ND filters; these are the only filters we feel to recommend, since they become useful when you need to stretch the exposure time a little bit during some difficult light conditions

- A camera remote to avoid blurry shots

What to Bring? (Clothing)

A few weeks before your departure, O will contact you suggesting the best clothes to bring with you basing on the weather forecasts and the current temperatures, so that you will be perfectly equipped by the time of you arrival!

How to Book

Do you want to enquire or book for this tour? You can use one of the two options below to do that!

Leave a Deposit

You can choose to directly leave a deposit for the tour and then pay the remaining amount within 2 months before the departure. By leaving a deposit your spot will be automatically confirmed and you’ll be included in the list of participants. Just click down here on the “Add to Cart” button to proceed!
Of course if you have any sort of question don’t hesitate to use the contact form and ask!

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Contact Us

The second option is to contact me directly using the contact form below here or in the “Contact Us” section (or just by emailing at leo.papera@gmail.com ); I’ll try to reply as soon as possible to solve your doubts or prepare your perfect tour!

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