NEW BORN - Fagradalsfjall Eruption, Iceland

In an always connected world, dominated by the culture of “right here, right now”, it seems to me that it took me an eternity to select and review the photos I’ve shot during my last trip to Iceland, which I made with the only purpose to film the new born Fagradalsjfall volcano. And if on the one hand I am definitely "late" by today's standards, on the other I feel almost as if I haven't taken enough time: because of the way I usually work, I prefer to leave the images to rest, sometimes even for months. Only by doing this I can observe them more objectively and leave out the emotions and feelings that they transmit to me, in order to be able to make a more accurate selection and post-production.
In a few worlds, the concept that I wanted to convey to you in this way too long premise is: don’t be swayed too much by the outer world, take your time, think about your choices.
In this gallery I have put 35 photos, which are probably too many, but I just couldn’t reduce further this number (I won't tell you what the initial one was!); I could not help but insert some more "classic" shots of the location (which by the way, let's face it, we are still talking about a “classic view” of a volcano that has been erupting for about 3 months!), but there are also some scenes where I wanted to experience something more personal.
Now I’ll stop writing. I leave you to view the images. Hope you will enjoy!

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