TIME TO LEAVE - Autumn 2020

I love everything about autumn. I love the fog in the morning, I love walking through the tree-lined streets in the city centers, I love spending days looking for mushrooms in the woods, I love having a feast of chestnuts, I love the days that start late and end early, I love also to sweep the leaves from the driveway. I know I'm certainly not the first photographer who says he's in love with this season, but ehi, I can't help it.
Autumn is the natural climax par excellence, a last explosion of beauty before the temporary "death" of winter. Hence the title: it is based on the play on words between "live" and "leave", which even if pronounced in the same way have two completely different meanings. A representation of life as beautiful as it is fleeting, this is autumn.
This year, unfortunately or not due to the reasons we all know, I’ve had more time to immerse myself in nature; this is how this gallery was born, the result of multiple trips through woods, lagoons and countryside made in the last months.

BONUS GALLERY - Autumn in Tuscany 2020

The Tuscan hills. Actually, I believe that just by saying "Tuscany", most of you will immediately think of these places (even if - make no mistake - Tuscany is much, much more!). These are the places where I spend 90% of my time on a photographic-professional level, yet I rarely share the photos I take there as I tend to always prefer more natural scenes; in this gallery I want to try to change this trend, leaving a dedicated space to the places that have given me so much and that I haven’t show enough appreciation. Many will recognize the most popular places, accompanied by less known corners and glimpses of this so famous area.


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